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Week 10 – Science, Technology & Innovation

24 May


OA to research data could enable others to validate findings and re-use data to advance knowledge and promote innovation –

Adrian Janes , 2012

Week 10 was all about how new media affects science. Year after year we continue to witness advancements in new media technologies that are impacting on many aspects of science as a result. In the lecture for example, Andrew Murphie talked specifically about how improvements in communicative technology have sped up scientific communication processes, improving and allowing access to certain scientific data quite quickly and conveniently. Although such technological innovations are continuously proving to be beneficial, at the same time they have caused a variety of new issues to arise.

In this weeks reading, Elizabeth Pisani speaks about the issue of data-sharing, in particular, the positive side to sharing medical data but then also refers to the issue being the lack of recognition that researchers get from doing this. Pisani believes such innovations will no doubt provide efficient progress and better quality of data, however, she fears that scientists, including herself, will lose ownership of their work. New communication methods such as blogging, streaming podcasts and online forums have allowed science to become more accessible and transparent, granting scientists with the opportunity to access, add to and edit scientific data in any part of the world. Whilst this database of information may in fact assist in future research and discovery, it is also a lot more difficult to keep track of who said what.

Nevertheless, new media allows for discoveries, innovation and development in the medical field as it shapes the way experiments are run, providing new methods and techniques for a clearer understanding of our environment, the workings of the human body, plants and animals. Such innovation also allows the public to be aware of scientific issues, and for journalist to be up to date with innovations.


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